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Locking Our Love

If you’ve been following me for a really long time (long before I started this blog) you’ll remember that for our one year anniversary, I bought Sam a padlock with our anniversary date engraved. On our first date, we were talking and we said that we’d like to go to Paris together someday and put a padlock on the “love locks” bridge.
Sadly, the locks on the Pont des Arts bridge were removed a few months after we got together. Although putting a padlock on the bridge of the most romantic city in the world was no longer an option for us, I had a padlock engraved for us anyway and gave it to him as a present on our first anniversary, to keep as a sentimental memory of that conversation that we had on our first date. He keeps the padlock locked in his safe, and isn’t willing to part with it to put it anywhere else… so I had another one made for us, to choose a spot to put it.
We listed a few areas that have special significance or memories for us including the place we met, where we had our first date, and somewhere near our first flat, as that’s the place we shared a lot of our firsts, so many happy memories and the place where we fell in love… but, as romantic as all of those places are to us, you can’t just go around placing padlocks wherever you like.. y’know, there’s rules against that. It’ll just be cut off and removed… so, we chose to put our padlock in another special place. Clacton Pier.
Sam and I met on Halloween night at a local bar along the seafront, just across the road from the Pier, and Clacton Pier is where we spend a lot of our date nights playing arcade games, winning cuddly toys, eating typical seaside food and watching fireworks. It’s very close to the spot that we met, and it’s our home, so it’ll always be a special place to us.
We took a stroll down to the end of the pier last Saturday morning – the 25th August. It was a special day for us anyway, as the 25th August was the day that we officially moved in together. We never celebrate it as a proper anniversary or anything like that but it’s just one of those dates that’s nice to remember.
We went down there quite early, as being Bank Holiday weekend, the pier is always rammed with kids and it’s busy and noisy and I didn’t fancy dealing with all that stuff when I’m trying to share a quiet, calm, romantic moment with my partner. lol!

We sat on the bench for a while and looked at other people’s locks that were placed there, before placing ours on. Sam then threw the key into the sea, while I was recording it on the video camera so we can have that memory forever. We sat there listening to the sea and just enjoyed some time to ourselves before heading off into town to have breakfast and then headed out shopping for the day.
Every time we’re at the pier, we’ll probably walk to the end, sit on the bench and check on our lock. I’m expecting that it’ll probably rust over time and won’t always look as pretty as it does at the moment, but that’s fine. Infact, it’s kinda cool. Y’know, the locks there will probably take a beating with all the sea-salt and bad weather.. they might rust over time, but whatever they go through, they’re still intact and secure on there, and *unless they need to replace the railings* they’ll last forever. Just like love. I think that’s pretty cool. 🙂
The Pier are actually having fireworks tonight, so we’ll pop down there.. if you’re local and you’re ever at the pier, look out for our lock at the end bench, just before the fishing area.
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